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    1. Welcome: Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd--oil refinery equipment - scrap rubber refining equipment - tires oil refining equipment
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      What are the raw materials of refining equipment in daily life?

      What are the raw materials of refining equipment in daily life? About this problem, Shangqiu Sihai machinery technical director explains in detail. Waste plastic, plastic paper, plastic cloth, agricultural film, canopy cloth, food bags, packaging bags, safety nets (for building), industrial waste, recycled paper mills in the process of producing waste plastic oil refining paddles. Over the years, relying on years of refinery equipment production experience, through many improvements, in the production of environmental protection has made great progress, by improving the three waste discharge of refinery equipment, so that it can be fully utilized to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy conservation.
      Of course, the purchase price of waste oil is too high. Of course, the raw materials used in refining equipment should be based on the price of local raw materials. If the recovery price is low, the cost of raw materials can be effectively reduced.



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