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    1. Welcome: Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd--oil refinery equipment - scrap rubber refining equipment - tires oil refining equipment
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      Refinery equipment should be selected by regular manufacturers.

      According to Wenzhou News: An explosion occurred at an illegal refinery site in Meixi Anji Village, Pingyang County, 13 fire trucks were dispatched, 76 firefighters fought for 4 hours to put out the fire, causing one death. The refinery is operated illegally, without a license or license; there are one boiler and three reaction pans in the refinery, whose process is to melt the oil in the reaction pan through the steam in the boiler, and finally out. According to the accident investigation team, the cause of the explosion may be related to the excessive pressure of the reaction pot.
      The most important tool for refining is refining equipment. If the refinery equipment is out of line, there will be no safety guarantee for the refinery. The choice of refinery equipment should go to the state-designated professional research, production and sales of refinery equipment of the technology-based companies. Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company specializing in the research, production and sale of waste rubber (waste tires), waste engine oil, waste plastic refining equipment and equipment. It uses waste rubber, waste plastics, waste tires, waste engine oil and other raw materials to produce fuel oil. It has obtained environmental protection certification and six items. National patent. Three million one hundred and sixty-three thousand two hundred and thirty-one



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