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    1. Welcome: Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd--oil refinery equipment - scrap rubber refining equipment - tires oil refining equipment
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      Benefits of fully automated refinery equipment

      Latest automatic refining equipment
      With the rapid development of modern civilization, the demand for energy is increasing. However, the world's energy reserves are dwindling, forcing people to develop new sources of energy, fully exploring all kinds of resources that can be used to extract and process fuel. These people have made great efforts and have made great achievements. Especially the comprehensive utilization of non-petroleum animal and vegetable oils, waste plastics, waste tires, waste engine oil, coal tar, residue, and other refineries has become an indispensable new energy.
      However, the equipment used to process non-petroleum raw materials is more traditional, lack of innovation, for many years almost all is the old face of intermittent production, the old structure, not only refining efficiency is low, but also energy consumption is high, environmental protection is poor, and the new requirements of national energy conservation and emission reduction are far from being the same; and investors pursue high efficiency, high efficiency, and low emissions. High quality expectation gap is bigger, and the goal of protecting human health is more inconsistent with "people-oriented". Society and enterprises are calling for a new generation of refining technology and equipment.
      Two. The main structure of the latest fully automated refinery
      The equipment is an external indirect heating mode, composed of reaction kettle, transmission and support mechanism, heating furnace and smoke exhaust device, charging device, discharging device, measuring and controlling system, sealing device and other parts. The overall size of the reactor depends on the scale of production. The lining of the side wall of the heating furnace is a multi-layer insulation material mixed structure, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. The top of the heating tank of the reaction kettle is a top bottom structure with beautiful appearance.
      1. Main body of continuous reactor
      The reactor material is made of special corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant alloy steel, which is of long cylindrical shape. It can meet the requirement of the highest reaction temperature of the material. The inner wall is equipped with material forcing guide device and material turning device. When the material rotates with the reaction kettle, the upper and lower materials can be heated alternately and evenly.
      The discharging end of the rotating reactor is provided with an ingenious continuous feeding device and an automatic feeding device, which can continuously feed the material into the reactor and remove impurities from the conveyor at the discharging end. Both ends of the reactor are equipped with maintenance and observation devices.
      2. Heating furnace and heating mode
      A heating furnace is arranged outside the reactor, and the outer wall of the reaction kettle body is heated externally. The heating furnace comprises a furnace body, a gas burner, a hot flue gas pipeline, and a smoke exhausting device. The heating furnace is equipped with gas direct heating system and heat remote safety heating system, and heating mode can be selected according to needs.
      3. Measurement and control system
      In particular, the central console is equipped with a series of low-voltage electrical facilities, such as temperature control circuit, frequency converter and electromechanical equipment start button, which is quite modern!
      (1) Gas and smoke exhaust system: a number of intelligent instruments are set up to measure the temperature on the spot, and the output signal is compared with the set value automatically. The temperature is automatically adjusted by the field electric actuator to meet the requirements of material reaction.
      (2) Heat supply system: Set N-point heat inlet digital display temperature measuring and displaying instrument, according to the temperature can open the heat distribution valve to ensure the temperature requirements in the kettle.
      (3) mechanical and electrical equipment frequency conversion speed regulation, instrument overtemperature alarm.
      (4) other temperature measuring elements and control cabinet.
      4. Feeding device
      The feeding system is composed of feeding hopper, fully sealed frequency conversion speed regulating automatic feeder, etc. It is equipped with a device to prevent the reactor from leaking back gas to ensure safety.
      5. Slag discharge device
      The slag discharging device is ingeniously designed with a combined discharging machine and frequency conversion speed regulation, which can open the overhaul reactor and ensure continuous automation and leakage prevention of slag discharging.
      6, recycling exhaust emission device
      Mixed combustible waste gas produced in the reaction process is sent out by the feeder in reverse direction, and is then recycled, separated and purified and sent to the gas burner for use as fuel. (full or basic use of recovery gas without additional fuel to save energy).
      7. Sealing device
      The rotating reactor adopts a variable diameter structure at both ends, and has a dynamic and static sealing structure which combines automatic multi-directional regulation with special sealing filler type. It can prevent waste gas from overflowing in the reactor and has good sealing effect.
      8. Smoke exhaust device
      The flue gas in the furnace is centralized at the top of the front end after being used for many times, and a flue gas exhaust device is set on the top of the furnace, which consists of a gate, a temperature measuring element and a air distribution valve.
      9. Oil refining system
      In addition, we have designed a series of equipment for further refining crude oil into high-quality, clear and transparent gasoline and diesel oil, including waste oil purification tower, waste tire separator, preheating tower, fluidized bed furnace, catalytic tower, fractionator, heat exchanger, cooler, each component separation tower, impurity removal tower, decolorizing refining tower, filter. Oil tower, flue gas purification tower, non condensing gas recovery tower and so on;
      From the above structure, we can fully prove that our technology and equipment are unique and modern.



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