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    1. Welcome: Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd--oil refinery equipment - scrap rubber refining equipment - tires oil refining equipment
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      Types of environmental protection refinery equipment

      The environmental protection refining equipment is the waste residue discharged from the reactor, which is non-toxic and tasteless at high temperature, and can be used in the chemical work of carbon black as well as building materials.

      The two is that the residue of coal burning can be used for building materials. The two have no emissions. It can also increase revenue. The waste gas treatment is divided into three parts: first, a small amount of water vapor and a small amount of oil and gas are leaked out of the inlet when feeding, which is recovered by the suction hood (1) and sent to the dust collector (4) for treatment after the secondary combustion; second, when burning coal, the smoke and dust are pumped from the induced draft fan (5) to the dust collector (3, 4, 6) for discharge by the chimney (7) to ensure the discharge of smoke and dust. Achieve GB13271.-2001 related standards. Third, the natural gas (methane, ethane, butane, hydrogen, etc.) which can not be recovered under C4 from the reaction kettle at normal temperature and atmospheric pressure is sent into the furnace through a closed firearm (15) by a pipeline (16) and burned by a gas spray gun (17), thus saving energy and protecting the environment. During the production process, the equipment operates in a totally sealed state without any smell. Secondly, in the noise treatment, the equipment uses a low noise fan, noise is less than 60 dB, the power of the regulating valve part of the noise and feeder noise is not more than 50 dB. If the workshop is surrounded by materials and trees, to ensure that the ambient noise around the factory area is less than 50 decibels (daytime), 45 decibels (night). Finally, in the treatment of water, two parts of water are used. Part of the condenser is water without any pollution. The other part is the water for dust removal, which is recycled water, only evaporation, no emissions.



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